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Would you like to find the beliefs that cause any problem you have so you can eliminate it?

Would you like to find the beliefs that cause any problems others have so you can eliminate them?

From: The Desk of Shelly Lefkoe


If you answered yes to any of the two questions above, I've got good news for you.

For the first time, an online training program reveals the time-tested techniques for finding all of the beliefs that cause just about any behavioral and emotional problem-techniques you can use over and over again to help yourself and others make significant improvements their lives.

This program called The Lefkoe Method Training 2 teaches the three steps required to find a person's real problem and find the beliefs that cause it.

Here's what one psychotherapist said who went through the live version of this program that we offered a few years ago.

"Morty Lefkoe has discovered an easy, effective way to eliminate problematic patterns and beliefs in one's life. I have personally and professionally experienced his Lefkoe Method Belief Process and it's positive, life-altering results. I am convinced Morty's book, Re-create Your Life, his Lefkoe Method workshops, and his techniques should be read, attended and applied by psychotherapists everywhere."

Heidi Hendler, M.A., MFT

An All Too Common Problem

We've helped over 500 people in live and online programs learn how to eliminate beliefs on their own. We’ve also helped almost 150,000 eliminate specific beliefs during in-person sessions and with our video programs.  What we've heard over and over again from these folks is they wished they could find their own limiting beliefs or help others do the same.

They might notice a behavior or emotion they want to change.  Or they may want to help another person change.

One person realized she wanted to become a writer and just couldn't get started. She eliminated a few beliefs with Natural Confidence and so much in her life improved. Her general level of confidence soared. Her anxiety about most things disappeared. But she still couldn't get herself to sit down and write.

She knew that eliminating beliefs was the answer but she didn't know how to unearth the beliefs so she could eliminate them.

After a few months of working on one belief after another, she finally was able to eliminate the barriers in her way.

Question: But why did it take so long?

Answer: Most of her time was spent on eliminating the wrong beliefs.

If this has happened to you, it's understandable because few people have the specialized knowledge required to find all the beliefs causing a specific problem they are having. And even fewer people know how to help someone else find their beliefs.

That's why I'm now offering this training on how to find your limiting beliefs. I want to help you avoid months or years of frustration when instead you could be enjoying the freedom that comes from getting rid of the right beliefs.

In fact, I'll give you a powerful tip right now that can help you avoid needless frustration when working on beliefs.

What's the biggest mistake people make when trying to change their behavior or emotions?

The biggest mistake people make is working on the "wrong" beliefs.

What do I mean by "wrong beliefs?"

I mean any belief that is not the cause of the problem you want to get rid of.

And the main reason people might try to eliminate this type of belief is they think the belief has the same name as the problem.

Let's say I procrastinate a lot of the time. When I have something that I need to do, more often than not I find something else to do and put off doing what I have to do as long as I can. Because I want to stop this destructive behavior, I try seminars, books, DVDs, therapy, etc. None of them really help. I keep procrastinating.

At some point I realize that my behavior and feelings come mainly from my beliefs, so I start looking for the beliefs that would cause this persistent problem. The first belief that occurs to me that I have to get rid of is: I'm a procrastinator.

I mean, after all, we've all heard of the self-fulfilling prophecy. If I believe I'll fail, I will. If I think I can't, I won't. If I think I'm a procrastinator, then I will put things off.

Makes sense, right? But it's plain wrong.

You see, you must have already had the habit of putting things off before you could observe your behavior and then form the belief, I'm a procrastinator. And if that's the case, this can't be one of the beliefs that caused the problem of procrastination.

Now you know an important principle that can keep you from working on the wrong beliefs.

However, there's a lot more to know about finding beliefs because finding them can often be tricky.

"Thanks to the thorough practicing I used the The Lefkoe Method NEXT DAY(without my notes handy) with a Deloitte & Touche client, who was so personally distraught, there was no point in talking business during our executive coaching session. If you could have seen the radiance on that face after an hour! So ... the tool is powerful and rich!"

Agnes Mura, M.A., MCC,
Past President, LA Professional Coaches and Mentors Associati

The 3 Step Process to finding ALL the beliefs causing a problem you or anyone else has

Step 1: Define the problem

Before you can solve a problem, you must have a clear idea of what it is. And before you can find all the beliefs causing an issue, you must know exactly what the issue is.

So in this section of the training, you learn:

  • The two essential elements you must uncover BEFORE you can find all the beliefs keeping you from achieving your goals.

  • The four types of problems anyone you work with will ever have. Once you know what kind of problem someone has, you'll know exactly what questions to ask to get the problem clearly defined so you can get to work finding beliefs.

  • The five questions you must ask to make sure you get all the information you need about a problem.

  • The mistake you MUST avoid when defining a problem that can keep you from finding any beliefs that cause it.

  • What if you or your client brings up many problems at once? I'll show you how to keep focused solving one problem at a time.

Step 2: Find the beliefs

Once you've defined the problem properly, you've prepared the ground for finding the beliefs. But you still need to find them.

In this section you'll learn:

  • The easiest kind of belief to find... and why looking for it does no good because nothing changes when it's eliminated. I'll show you how to avoid this mistake so you can focus on beliefs that will make a difference.

  • The seven kinds of beliefs that cause fear. When you know what they are, you can eliminate these beliefs so you or your clients can take action on their goals and live more fulfilling lives.

  • The five techniques for finding beliefs. Asking someone "what do you believe that causes you to do X" doesn't always work. That's why we show you five techniques for getting a person to reveal their beliefs... including beliefs they didn't know they had. Once you know these techniques, you'll be able to help people dissolve debilitating issues they've had for decades because you'll get to their root causes of their problems - the specific beliefs that cause them.

Step 3: Find survival strategies

Have you ever had a behavior you wish you could stop? Have you known someone else who keeps doing something over and over even though it doesn't work?

Often this compulsive behavior is caused by a kind of belief called a Survival Strategy belief.

The most common type of survival strategy belief says that our self-esteem is based on some result. For example, "What makes me good enough is doing things perfectly."

A person with that belief would be driven to do things perfectly and feel fear if he didn't.

Eliminating this belief would give him freedom to work with less stress and pressure because his self-esteem would no longer be based on doing things perfectly.

Almost everyone we've ever worked with has had at least one survival strategy belief. It's often central to how people live their lives, so eliminating it gives them great power to transform their behavior, their attitudes and their feelings.

In this section we teach you all about survival strategies and how to eliminate them.

You'll learn:

  • The three questions you MUST ask to help yourself or clients find their survival strategy belief.

  • How to help people get rid of a survival strategy, so instead of compulsively needing to do something to feel good about themselves, they live out of choice.

  • The three-part structure of the source of a survival strategy belief that you must uncover to help a person eliminate it.

  • The four alternative interpretations (AI) you must use to eliminate a survival strategy. These AI are different than for all other kinds of beliefs because the usual suspects don't work here.

"After attending The Lefkoe Method weekend workshop I can not only save time, but now I really help my client(s) like never before. I have already tested The Lefkoe Method with two of my clients. I could not believe the look on their faces once they realized the instant and profound change. It's really a breakthrough. I believe that all coaches and other professional helpers would benefit and be much more effective in their work using The Lefkoe Method. I love the fact that Morty and Shelly Lefkoe are committed to their work and that their dream is to make this technique available and affordable so more people can be reached."

Gabriel Garciamendez, Life Coach/Strategist

How We Ensure You Develop Mastery

Each step is taught using the three-part learning formula that guarantees your success.


In each lesson we tell you what you need to perform a step effectively. We give you the principles, explain the techniques, and provide you with exercises to make you successful.

We then show you how to do each step by letting you hear examples from our own sessions. This step is called modeling and, according to several research studies, including it dramatically improves learning.

We then give you a chance to do each step. We give you assignments - some of which are scored instantly by computer and others that we review personally - so you can be sure you've understood the material and know how to apply it effectively.

We've left nothing to chance because we want to make sure all the people who take this course are able to help themselves and others find all of the beliefs in their way so they can be eliminated.

"Most people believe that it takes years of hard work to change a belief that they've held since childhood. Morty Lefkoe dared to think otherwise and has spent the past 18 years creating and refining The Lefkoe Method, an ingenious method for quickly eradicating limiting beliefs. All of us who participated in the workshop were awestruck by the possibilities this process opened up for our clients and ourselves."

Phil Glosserman, Business Coach

Here's Everything That's Included In This Powerful Program

This in-depth program teaches you everything we've learned during the past 28 years about how to clarify the behavioral or emotional problem to be worked on and then to find the beliefs causing that problem. You get everything we've described above, plus much more, in the following components.

How To Find ALL of Your Limiting Beliefs

This comprehensive, 5-module training takes place over five weeks. Each week, you'll get a series of lessons you can download to your computer. You'll get daily exercises that you'll submit to us and get written feedback to make sure you truly grasp the material.

All the ideas and techniques I described above are covered in detail. This course doesn't just tell you what to do and how to do it. The principles behind each step are also thoroughly explained. You're given complete step-by-step instructions showing you precisely how to carry out each step.

This is already quite a lot. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. You see, I've put together the most comprehensive package you could ever ask for. Nothing has been left to chance in this training. Take a look at these bonuses that will also boost your learning:

Bonus #1: Convenient Answers To All Of Your Questions

Even with everything you get, because what you're learning will be new to you, you may have questions you'd like answered. Here's a powerful solution. Each week during the six-week training I schedule a live question-and-answer session. I answer any question you have about how to help people identify problems and find the relevant beliefs. Each live session will be 30 minutes to an hour long and will be recorded so you can listen again at your convenience.

Bonus #2: One Hour Of Live Coaching

The only way to know for sure that you can help someone find the beliefs that cause specific problems is to actually do it. So to make absolutely sure that you're able to use everything in this course, we've added one hour of live coaching and feedback. We listen on the phone as you help someone find the beliefs causing a problem in his or her life or in your own life, and then we provide feedback. On its own this service costs $200 an hour, but it's yours free as part of this comprehensive program.

Bonus #3: The Lefkoe Belief Elimination Manual

A detailed 23-page manual that shows you in written form everything you need to know to help people find their limiting beliefs. We distilled 28 years of our experience finding problems and beliefs into this document. It contains everything you need to know to begin transforming lives.

Bonus # 4: A Learning Buddy

Each week, you'll use what you've learned with a buddy we assign to you for the course. This way when you complete the course, you'll have the confidence to work with other people to help them transform their lives.

Good News For Busy People

Are you a very busy person with many responsibilities on your plate? If so, you're in luck. Our training is designed with busy people in mind and the schedule is set up so it only takes less than 2 hours a week for six weeks. So even those who are very busy like you can complete the program and learn how to help people transform their lives in only six weeks.

And don't worry about falling behind. After the six weeks is over, you get to keep your access to the materials for at least a year.

"As a speaker's coach The Lefkoe Method is an invaluable tool for helping my clients understand, and access and eliminate the underlying beliefs that prevent them from being comfortable in front of groups. I intend to use it in my practice extensively."

Marion Claire, "The Confident Speaker's Coach"

Is there a guarantee?

The online version of this course has been running since 2012 and the results are more than evident (see the experiences of our alumni), hence there is no money back guarantee on this course.

What if I can't attend the course and wish to opt-out?

If you have to opt-out of the course because of an emergency, you will be given your money back PROVIDED someone on our waiting list takes your place.

Only Twenty People Can Take Advantage Of This Opportunity To Transform Thousands Of Lives

Because of the personal attention we give, participation in this course is extremely limited. Only 20 people will be a part of this training class. Once all the spots are filled, we'll be closing the doors, and the next one won't be offered for a year or more.

So don't wait. Take a minute and sign up for this program today.

Once you learn how to find beliefs, you'll never have to watch helplessly as you hear someone you care about complaining that their life doesn't work.

You can do something about it.

You can restore joy to unhappy lives. You can help people get rid of fears that are holding them back. You can help people who see nothing but limitation see unlimited possibilities.

Don't delay. Sign up now. Let's get started right now transforming you into a master of finding beliefs for good!

To freeing yourself from your limitations,

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Co-Founder of The Lefkoe Institute

P.S. Just think, what's it worth to transform the life of one person? One person whose life would have continued on with less joy and fulfillment and perhaps more pain.

Now multiply that value a few hundred times. That's the value of this course. Register today.

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